Fa$hion For Le$$

Ask me anything   Hello beautiful people! This is a fashion blog which will basically contain images of items that we have purchased over the year for very low prices! Fashion is one of our passions but because presently my sister and I are pursuing different careers we decided to share our love through this blog! I hope you guys enjoy the blog and feel free to message us about anything! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
-Rhea & Ash

OOTD: Cute Look

So this outfit was made for a friend of mine. She wanted me to help her with an outfit that would be cute and revolved around black. This is what I came up with!

So first up, the skirt was purchased from Forever 21. The camel colored skirt was purchased for 7$ and goes well with the black shirt. 

The belt is my favourite thing about the skirt. It was a really nice look to it especially the braids!

The leather clutch was purchased from payless shoe source. It goes well with the boots the outfit was paired up with!

I chose a simple necklace that had stones. I didn’t want to add too much and found this to be the perfect accessory that would stand out against the black shirt. The earrings are meant to match with the vest, they were a perfect match!

This hair pin was added by my friend. She wanted to put something in her hair and I found this accessory to be the perfect outfit completer!

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Coats and Skirtssssss

This coat was purchased from Forever 21 for 13$. It was purchased on Black Friday weekend. This coat is perfect for work or when you have to attend meetings. 

This black coat was also purchased from Forever 21 for 17$. It was a bit more expensive however, I think it is perfect for those Autumn days when theres a chilly wind blowing!

This was actually given to me as a present from my mother. It has a very vintage look to it, so I was sure that I would be capable of making an outfit with it!

It looks to be a bit of Croatia with embroidery over it!

The coral colored skirt was purchased from Forever 21 for 7$. It is a really nice colour and can mix well with many other colours especially brown!

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Make up Haul

Make up is always an essential part to outfits! These items were purchased for cheap prices!

So first up, in this snake skin box are cute Lip Glosses!

These four glosses are perfect for any outfit and for any event. This is an all in one package that I have used a lot through out the years. It was purchased from Wal Mart for 7$.

Red Earth is a Makeup company that is based from Australia. This company may not be well known like other companies but it is one that deserved to be known! 

This make up case came with eye shadows, primers, a brush and lip gloss. This company’s products work perfectly well on my sensitive skin.

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Mini Clutches!

These cute clutches help you carry your cash, cards and cellphones all in a mini compartment which are probably no bigger than your hands! It’s perfect for all of those people who don’t like to carry big bags and would rather have something small and comfortable! They are made of leather material and were both purchased from Payless Shoe Source for 24$!

This black sequined clutched was purchased from Jean Coutu. It was a free gift with a make-up purchase. Although it is really a make up bag, this would work with any evening look as a clutch.

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Anyone else obsessed with Jumpers? Each one of these sweaters were purchased for 5$ each from HKR. They are perfect to wear during the winter and keep everyone cozy and warm!

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Hi guys! So heres a closer look at the shoes that were bought during the christmas haul!

These black leather boots were bought for 10$ at a warehouse sale. They are perfect to wear during the fall and even the beginning of winter! Especially since the weather is getting a bit cool nowadays!

These are probably my most favourite items of the year! These nude heels that are originally from Le Chateau, were actually bought brand new from another random store. (I shop at the most shadiest places I know!) These babies only cost me 5$ and are my go to for any meeting, event and even some parties!

I am honestly, not a fan of silver or yellow or even blue, and I DEFINITELY am not a fan of those colours combined. However, I liked the colour combination on these cute flats. I find they are perfect to wear on a casual day out especially if you just need those random pops of colour!

So, Which shoe is your favourite? Comment on how you would style these items with outfits!

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